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Easy Ways To Eat Something Green Everyday

Easy Ways To Eat Something Green Everyday


Easy Ways To Eat Something Green Everyday

Ok, I am no scientist or nutritionist, however, I’m pretty sure they would agree that eating something green every single day is an AWESOME idea! Eating the rainbow is an even better idea, however that doesn’t always happen for me, and for now I’d just like to get one color down. I gave myself a goal this year to eat something GREEN every single day! Now I know New Years Resolutions don’t typically last this long, but I really want to keep this one going.

So today I want to give you some helpful ways that you can eat something green every single day! First, let me give you a list of GREEN foods that are commonly found in the grocery store, and then I’ll give you some helpful ways that I stick to this day after day. It’s also a great idea to think of these foods when you meal plan, then you can easily incorporate green foods into your every day plan.

List of Green Foods:

  • Artichokes
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados
  • Bell peppers/Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Green apples
  • Green beans
  • Green grapes
  • Green onions
  • Green tea
  • Herbs
  • Honeydew melon
  • Kiwi
  • Lima Beans
  • Limes
  • Okra
  • Pears
  • Spinach and ALL leafy greens!
  • Sugar snap peas/Peas
  • Tomatios
  • Zucchini squash

The most popular foods on this list that I can definitely stick to each day are avocados, spinach, and green tea. I eat avocados pretty much every morning for breakfast and spinach is an easy one to throw into a smoothie. Green tea is the only caffeine that doesn’t make my heart skip… so I drink it most days.

Here’s some helpful ways to incorporate green foods into your diet regularly:

  1. Drink a cup of green tea. I buy my green tea bags at Sam’s Club in a pack of a few hundred, so I have them on hand all the time! It’s easy to drink a glass of tea, and I love adding a slice of lemon to it that I pull from the freezer. You can learn more about freezing lemons here: HOW TO FREEZE LEMON SLICES – click link here
  2. Add spinach to your recipes. Spinach has a very mild flavor, which makes it the perfect add-in to most recipes! When I notice that my bag of spinach is looking a little wilted, I will throw the bag into the freezer. This keeps the spinach from going bad, and I don’t have to do any prep to get it ready. Just throw the bag in the freezer, and pull out however much spinach you want for the recipe. The spinach doesn’t clump together, and it easily breaks up into little pieces. I also add spinach to my kids pancake mix! This is a great way to give them a “colored” pancake the healthy way! Just blend the spinach in a blender with the water and eggs, and you’re good to go!
  3. Add greens to your smoothies. I know this is a common one that everyone knows, however most people only think to add spinach and kale to their smoothies. Don’t let that stop you though. All leafy greens can be added to your smoothies, so make that smoothie green every time! I make smoothie bags of frozen fruit, then I add fresh leafy greens to the bags. Smoothie bags are ready for me in the freezer, and I can always get in my greens this way!
  4. Eat an avocado for breakfast. I make myself eggs most mornings, so I love adding sliced avocado and salsa on top. I like that during my first meal of the day I can easily get in my green food right away. Avocados are a healthy fat and add an abundance of nutrition to your body!
  5. Add zucchini to your muffins or ground meat. I like to bulk up a recipe by adding veggies to it. For instance, adding shredded zucchini to muffins means I’m feeding my kids a veggie inside one of their favorite foods. I kids to eat muffins everyday, especially with chocolate chips inside! So when I add shredded zucchini they barely notice. Same goes for ground meat. I love to bulk up my ground beef with shredded zucchini and carrots. This helps make the meat stretch into several meals, and it adds nutrients that my family doesn’t even know about!
  6. Freeze diced celery for those unexpected pots of soup. One of my favorite tips I like to share is how I freeze celery. I love cooking with celery, but it seems like when I buy it, the majority of it goes bad because I don’t use it up. So I started freezing diced celery, and now it’s readily available when I need it. Celery adds great flavor to so many dishes, and I’m glad I have it around.

I hope these tips help you eat more GREEN on a daily basis. These tips have really helped me and I know that my body feels so much better! When you’re more conscientious of what is going into your body, you are more apt to make healthier choices. Just remember, everything you put into your body is a choice, and those choices will affect the way we feel. So choose something GREEN today!

PS: When I have a sweet tooth, especially at night… this is one of my go-to desserts! It adds lots of GREEN, but tastes deliciously chocolaty and sweet. YUM!

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