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Marinated Onions

Marinated onions is a great way to add flavor to a dish. Once the onions are marinated the bitiness of the onion dissipates to a lovely mild flavor and texture.

8 Home Remedies To Feel Better Fast When Sick

I have developed 8 strategies to feel better fast when you’re sick. The key is to do all 8 of these tips to really feel your best in no time. Over the past 6 years I have only been sick 3 times. I believe a lot of that has to do with my diet of being whole food plant based. […]

Costco Deals During Inflation

Costco has great must buy deals right now in 2023 that are even a great deal during inflation! As much as you might be hearing that inflation is recking people’s grocery budgets, often times it’s really just people’s spending habits that’s recking their budgets. Costco is a great resource for saving money and I’m going to share with you my […]

How To Create A Yearly Budget Using Sinking Funds

It’s a new year and it’s time to make some financial goals with a yearly budget. You get paid monthly, so you think it’s okay to just plan for each month, but that’s going to reck your budget. Yearly Savings Goals As the home economist, it is your job to sit down and run your household like a pro. Every […]

Frugal Living in January – Homemaking On A Budget

There is so much beauty in homemaking when living a frugal lifestyle. Living on a budget doesn’t have to be mundain or boring. There is so much to life outside of over-indulging. For this video I wrote a poem for you: “The Everyday Homemaker” A homemaker’s job is replete with chores, from laundry to dishes from carpets to floors. She […]

Healthier Sourdough Monkey Bread – No Butter

This healthier sourdough monkey bread recipe is on the healthier side because it’s made from fermented sourdough starter and uses applesauce in place of butter. To make this recipe you need to first make the easiest sourdough bread recipe. Get the recipe here. Sourdough Bread Recipe Easy – No Stretch and Folds

Plant Based Creamy Italian Pasta

Plant based creamy Italian pasta has a meaty element and creamy texture using clean and healthy ingredients that will make you so excited to eat this dish. To make the “Italian sausage” I follow this recipe. It’s easy, cheap and very delicious!