Loaded Hummus Appetizer

Loaded hummus appetizer is the perfect treat that resembles the trendy butter boards that are all over the internet these days. The toppings that I added to mine tasted amazing, but feel free to experiment with your own creation. Loaded hummus is perfect for any get together and perfect for the holiday season.

No Bake Stovetop Bread Loaf Steamed

Looking for a simple bread recipe that you can make on the stove? This is the perfect steamed bread recipe that only requires 4 ingredients. IS STOVETOP BREAD EASIER TO MAKE? There is simplicity to steamed bread that I don’t feel when making baked bread. Steamed bread requires few ingredients, less prep, less cooking time, and is a smoother process. […]

Healthy Snack Kettle Corn

This healthy snack kettle corn recipe is a huge hit in my family and very cheap to make! All you need is a bag of puffed corn, which I find at my local Sprouts. I love this because it just proves once again that you can make delicious and easy snack foods at home without spending a lot of money. […]

Simple Hummus Recipe No Oil

Simple hummus recipes are great to have for easy appetizers, or to accompany your favorite vegetable platter. This simple hummus has no oil, which makes it much healthier and lower in fat. No Oil Hummus Hummus is known for its creaminess and mild flavor, which allows for many different flavor combinations to be created. Most people think it’s VERY healthy, […]

My Kid’s Favorite Smoothie

When I ask my kiddos what they want for lunch, 99.9% of the time they say smoothies and sandwiches! This smoothie is incredibly easy to throw together, and you can customize it however you’d like. The best part is there are lots of “HIDDEN” veggies inside that they don’t even mind eating! Mom win….! ***I add turmeric powder and pepper […]

4-Ingredient Breakfast Bars

Quick and easy breakfast bars to have on hand for a busy week. With just 4 ingredients you can make them too! We all want the easiest recipes that are fool proof, and that’s exactly what these breakfast bars are! They literally take 5 minutes to prep and 15-20 minutes to bake. My husband loves them for breakfast, and my […]

Healthy Energy Bites

Energy bites can be made in a variety of ways! I am going to give you a basic recipe, but then you can customize it to be your own. The ones photographed for you today are made with dried apricots, but friends… the possibilities are endless! These energy bites do require 2 main components, dates and nuts. If you don’t […]

Quick & Easy Plain Oatmeal Bread

It’s always a good thing to have a good ol’ plain oatmeal bread recipe in your recipe binder. Sometimes I just don’t want to make at pumpkin or banana quick bread recipe, I just want plain bread! Goodness… and that’s exactly what this delicious bread is… so GOOD!!!! You’d think by now I could come up with a better adjective, […]