Marinated Onions

Marinated onions is a great way to add flavor to a dish. Once the onions are marinated the bitiness of the onion dissipates to a lovely mild flavor and texture.

Corn Tortillas | Gluten Free

Homemade corn tortillas are gluten free naturally with only 2 simple ingredients, instant corn masa and water. Corn tortillas are simple to make and way cheaper than store bought. How To Make Corn Tortillas | Gluten Free Corn is naturally a gluten free product. Gluten is only found in wheat products, not in corn. Thankfully, corn is a safe ingredient […]

Quinoa How To Cook Perfectly For Any Recipe

Quinoa how to cook perfectly for any recipe is an easy method that everyone should know. Quinoa is a powerhouse food, which means it packs a huge amount of nutrients in such a small seed. We will answer the question, “is quinoa gluten free” and we will address the health benefits. Did You Know Quinoa Is Not A Grain? Did […]

How To Make Garlic Cubes

I used to buy frozen garlic cubes at Trader Joe’s for convenience, but I had a viewer on Instagram tell me they had canola oil in them. How did I miss that?!? You might be thinking that that’s no big deal, but it actually is. For those of us that struggle with inflammation, canola oil is a BIG NO NO!!! […]

Apple Pie Jelly

Apple pie jelly is one of the most delicious and decadent jellies you can eat, and it’s so cheap to make! I am very excited to bring this recipe to you, and I will also explain how I process the jars to can them. If canning is too intimidating for you, still make the recipe. You can make the recipe […]

Homemaker – Keeper of The Home Series

Welcome Homemaker to my Keeper of The Home Series where I discuss several topics as to what it means to be a keeper. I decided to teach this series based on a class I took at my church in Texas 11 years ago. I was a newlywed homemaker, and my husband was working on his Masters Degree. Every Wednesday night […]

Canned No Pectin Strawberry Jam

No pectin strawberry jam is very easy to make, and you control the ingredients. Using pectin is quite alright if you like to use that, but I’m trying to keep the least amount of processed foods from being consumed in our home. So when it comes to homemade jam, I decided to go the natural way. Apples. Apples are a […]

Easy Almond Flour Sandwich Bread

This easy almond flour sandwich bread recipe is easy to make at home without a ton of effort. No matter what dietary restrictions you have, this paleo bread is delicious and gluten free. What Does This Easy Almond Flour Bread Recipe Taste Like? Most almond flour bread recipes have eggs because without them the bread doesn’t rise. Instead of this […]

How To Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

How To Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs 4 years ago I was told I needed to go on an elimination diet and only eat meat, eggs, and vegetables for 6 months. Friends, eggs became my best friend. I learned how to make eggs every single way possible… THE BEST WAY!!! It was the hardest diet I had ever been on, but […]