Easy Ways To Eat Something Green Everyday

  Easy Ways To Eat Something Green Everyday Ok, I am no scientist or nutritionist, however, I’m pretty sure they would agree that eating something green every single day is an AWESOME idea! Eating the rainbow is an even better idea, however that doesn’t always happen for me, and for now I’d just like to get one color down. I […]

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Never buy enchilada sauce again with this easy to make homemade enchilada sauce using simple ingredients to create a delicious Mexican flavor.   Homemade Enchilada Sauce This homemade enchilada sauce recipe is so easy to put together. There is no need for you to buy store bought sauce when you can whip this together in just a few minutes! You […]

How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg

How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg Poaching eggs seem to be a daunting task, and one that most people leave up to the “professionals” when they eat out. Poaching eggs though is seriously one of the easiest ways to cook eggs! Now you can eat the perfect poached egg at home. I love to put poached eggs on my […]

How To Cook Rice

How To Cook Rice (THE EASY WAY): Rice is one of the cheapest grains you can eat. That is why when people say they are on the beans and rice budget, that means they are eating as cheap as possible. Rice is just amazing because you can feed a lot of mouths for very little money! Let me show you […]