8 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Let me show you 8 ways you can eat healthy on a budget. Eating healthy is easy to do these days, and if you’re wondering how to eat healthy on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. 1. Buy Food In Bulk Buying food in bulk can save you so much money, even if you’re just buying for […]

Budget Friendly Tips For Packing School Lunches

Packing food for school lunches can be confusing with all the options available. I want to show you how easy it can be to send your kids to school with healthy and nourishing lunches on a budget. Budget Friendly Tips For Packing School Lunches With all the options available, from stainless steel to plastic containers, which ones are best and […]

Simple Dinner Ideas Using Ingredients

Simple dinner ideas using ingredients is how I have changed my focus in the kitchen. It’s time to simplify our lives and enjoy the process of meal planning, grocery shopping, and dinner prepping. Give yourself grace in the kitchen Dinner stumps a lot of people because often we over complicate what dinners should look like. We watch Food Network, scroll […]

Homemaker – Keeper of The Home Series

Welcome Homemaker to my Keeper of The Home Series where I discuss several topics as to what it means to be a keeper. I decided to teach this series based on a class I took at my church in Texas 11 years ago. I was a newlywed homemaker, and my husband was working on his Masters Degree. Every Wednesday night […]

Kitchen Organization From Dollar Tree

Kitchen organization can be daunting if you look at Pinterest PERFECT pantries, but your wallet just doesn’t have the funds to pay for such a pretty pantry. Kitchen Organization That’s why Dollar Tree is the perfect store for you! They offer amazing organizational products for just $1.00 each! Yep, you can easily have an organized kitchen, and even make it […]

Homemade Muffin Mix

Healthy Homemade Muffin Mix Recipe My kids love going with me to Walmart, because they know I typically let them pick out a Martha White Muffin Mix, you know the “just add water” mixes… Well, it’s easy for them to make all on their own, and they REALLY enjoy it! Mom guilt was setting in though. Here I eat like […]

How To Freeze Spinach The Easy Way

How To Freeze Spinach The Easy Way When Pinterest first came around and became popular, I remember seeing posts on freezing spinach by first blending it in a blender with water and freezing in ice cube trays. I was one that followed in this habit and did it too. However, that is just way to time consuming for me now […]