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How I Stick To A $100 Costco Budget Per Month

How I Stick To A $100 Costco Budget Per Month

How I Stick To A $100 Costco Budget Per Month!!!

Costco is one of my favorite stores! My mom purchases our yearly membership for us every Christmas (Thanks MOM!). I utilize this store to my full advantage and I don’t get sucked into all the FUN things they have to offer. Oh but yes, I love walking up and down the aisles, but I am there on a mission. A mission to only spend $100, and when you take that mission seriously like I do, you will find that spending only $100 there per month is much easier than you’d think!

2 Most Important Costco Tips:

  • Always have a list!!!!!
  • Always bring your cash!!!!!

These tips will keep you from overspending! It’s like I have my tunnel vision glasses on when I go into the warehouse. Yes, I do enjoy browsing and enjoying all the fun items, but my focus is on my list and my cash. I don’t want to leave the store upset with myself for over spending when I don’t have to!

Here is a list of items I buy, and when I buy them.

Monthly (every month I buy these items):

Cage-Free Eggs, 2 dozen – $3.29

Kirkland Low Sodium Bacon, 4pk – $10.99-$13.99

Romaine Lettuce, 5ct – $3.99

Rotisserie Chicken – $4.99

RxBars, 12ct – $16.99

Every Other Month As Needed:

Frozen Organic White Corn, 4 pounds – $5.99

Kirkland Organic Chicken Broth, 6ct – $11.99

Kirkland Paper Towels, 12ct – $16.99

Kirkland Toilet Paper, 30 rolls – $18.99

Every 3-6 Months As Needed:

ALL Laundry Detergent, 158 loads – $13.79

Kerrygold Butter, 3 pack – $7.99

Kirkland Diced Tomatoes, 8ct – $7.79

Kirkland Green Beans, 12ct – $6.99

Kirkland Ground Cinnamon – $2.99

Kirkland Ground Turmeric – $2.99

Kirkland Tomato Paste, 12ct – $7.99

Multi-Purpose Copy Paper, 500 sheets – $6.99

Organic Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base, 16oz – $6.99

If I have leftover money for the month, I will either add it to my weekly grocery budget, or I will use it up and buy extra produce. I really like Costco’s organic sweet potatoes, frozen berries, fresh berries, squash, brussell sprouts, and apples.

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