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Costco Deals During Inflation

Costco Deals During Inflation

Costco has great must buy deals right now in 2023 that are even a great deal during inflation!

As much as you might be hearing that inflation is recking people’s grocery budgets, often times it’s really just people’s spending habits that’s recking their budgets. Costco is a great resource for saving money and I’m going to share with you my favorite buys right now.

1. Rice

Costco sells rice for a very cheap price compared to most grocery stores. You can buy these for very cheap, and the price is even better than on Azure Standard’s website.

Whether you’re buying organic or not, the price is right. Store brown rice in the freezer for many months, or you can store white rice in 5 gallon buckets in your linen closet. Using an oxygen absorber in your 5 gallon bucket will extend the shelf life for 30+ years!

2. Raw Nuts

I am not referring the pre-seasoned or roasted nut mixes. I am referring to the bags of nuts found near the dried goods section. I love purchasing my raw almonds, walnuts, and pecans at Costco and the price just can’t be beat.

3. Olive Oil

If you are unable to find a local vender for olive oil, then purchasing your olive oil at Costco is the next best option. Always pay attention to where the olives are grown, and what year the olive oil was made. Make sure the olives come from the same region, and you want to use an olive oil within the 3 year mark of the current year.

Costco sells a Tuscan olive oil that I really like and it’s very affordable.

4. Spices

Buying spices in bulk will give you the better price overall. I like to purchase dried chopped onions, garlic powder, cinnamon, salt and pepper at Costco. They even sell “everything but the bagel seasoning” at an affordable price.

5. Organic Pure Maple Syrup

I have never seen pure maple syrup for cheaper any where else, other than Costco. Costco buy far has the best deal and it’s absolutely delicious! Make sure to buy pure maple syrup at Costco.

6. Peanut Butter

I would say again the best Costco deal that I never leave without is peanut butter. Even with inflation, the price still cannot be beat. The quality is just purely delicious and you are purchasing the best quality. Peanuts tend to be highly contaminated, so purchasing organic is a very good idea. The price of this organic peanut butter is like paying for non-organic at Walmart.

7. Organic Strawberry Jam

The best price on jam that you will find is for sure this strawberry jam at Costco.

8. Dave’s Killer Bread, 2 Pack

Dave’s Killer Bread typically sells for $5-6 per loaf of bread, but at Costco you can purchase 2 loaves of bread for around $7.50-8. The savings is so clear and the quality of bread is unbeatable, unless you’re making sourdough. Then, make sourdough because that’s by far the healthiest!

9. Bananas

Bananas at Costco are generally $.50/lb, but sometimes even cheaper than that. This is one of the cheapest and nutritous foods we can eat, so make sure you always grab a bundle of bananas before you head to the check out.

10. Berries

I can almost always rely on Costco for having great prices on berries as they a generaly priced at $3.99. This is a great price to stock up and freeze for later. I have even seen blackberries as low as $.98 for the big packages!

11. Carrots

A 6 pound bag of carrots is only $3.50, which is a much better price than Walmart. Buy your carrots in bulk and save.

12. Lettuce

Romaine lettuce, spinach, arugala, spring mix greens are all powerhouse superfoods and they are incredibly affordable at Costco.

13. Hemp Seeds & Chia Seeds

Hemp seeds and chia seeds are a fantastic source of protein, omega 3’s and 6’s, as well as minerals and vitamins. These are wonderful nutrient dense foods are the best prices at Costco.

14. Rotisserie Chicken

These chickens are already cooked for you and seasoned, and only $4.99 each! If you are a meat eater, then this is definitely a budget friendly purchase. This is the only prepared food I recommend buying at Costco.

15. Water Bottles

I am not a big water bottle fan, however, if you are purchasing water for a sporting event, then this is definitely the best price you will find at just $3.99 for 40 bottles of water.

16. Toilet Paper

For $19.99 the price and quality of toilet paper at Costco just can’t be beat. I only purchase my toilet paper at Costco and I always know I’m getting it for the best price. I would also include paper towels, however I no longer purchase paper towels. I use wash clothes instead and save the most money by not purchasing them at all.

17. Trash Bags

This is a purchase I don’t enjoy buying, but since I need to purchase them I will do so at Costco.

Costco has several other great deals, but these are the ones that stand out the most to me. If you have a favorite Costco budget friendly purchase let us know in the comments below.

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