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Snacks Will Break Your Grocery Budget – Walmart Snacks Grocery Haul

Snacks Will Break Your Grocery Budget – Walmart Snacks Grocery Haul

Filling your pantry with snack foods is breaking your grocery budget, but I have a solution to still add Walmart snacks to your pantry for just $15.00.

Change Up Your Kid’s Snacking Habits

If you allow your kids to have free range in the kitchen and they are eating you out of house and home, it might be time to have a family meeting. Family meetings are a great way for everyone in the house to get on the same page.

It’s time to explain that grocery prices are rising and it’s getting more expensive to fill the pantry. Instead of recently bought snacks being eaten too soon, we’re going to change our eating habits a bit.

Set Pantry Boundaries In The Kitchen

This might be hard for some parents to impliment, but I can promise you this technique works if you stay diligent with it. I do not let my kids have free range in the kitchen. They do not eat out of the pantry without parental consent. I do not have children just mindlessly snacking with wrappers around the house.

Also, my kids do not eat in their bedrooms or living room. Eating takes place in the kitchen, dining room, and outdoors. This prevents unnecessary messes that I do not have to worry about dealing with and crumbs are contained in the kitchen.

Eating Habits For The Whole Family

Establish when meal time will happen, and establish when snacks may be eaten. I am not against snacks, my kids eat snacks and live vibrant wonderful lives. I do not set times when food can be eaten, but I have set expectations for my kids so they understand when we can eat.

We have breakfast, my kids take a morning snack with them to school, we have lunch, when my kids get home we enjoy tea time with a special treat, we have dinner, and the kitchen is closed. My family does not eat after dinner unless it’s a special occasion or somebody is not feeling well and needs saltine crackers.

Walmart Snack Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

If your kids are used to expensive and popular Walmart snacks, then this my be an adjustment for them. These snacks are basic, but they are also crunchy, satisfying, and budget friendly.

  1. Great Value Pretzels $1.98
  2. Oyster Crackers $1.24
  3. Arizona Fruit Snacks $2.38
  4. Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars $1.93
  5. Dried Fruit Medley $2.98
  6. Rice Square Cereal $2.56
  7. Bananas, 10 count $2.00

TOTAL: $15.07

These snacks are definitely getting eaten up in my house right now! They are loving it and I absolutely love that I can still afford snacks for my kids.

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