Whole30 Healthy Sloppy Joes Recipe

Whole30 Healthy Sloppy Joes Recipe Finding recipes that are Whole30 approved can be a little difficult, especially when you’re also trying to feed your family too. I want my family to eat healthy, but I’m not expecting them to join in on the diet with me. So, sloppy joes is the perfect dish! My family can have it on a […]

Easy Side Dish – Marinated Zucchini Spears

Marinated Zucchini Spears Zucchini is in season (HOORAY!!!) which means lots of fresh vegetable recipes coming your way! Sometimes the best side dish recipes, are the simplest to make. I would say this recipe is as simple as they come! Zucchini can be enjoyed in so many ways, but my favorite is to think just a tag outside the box […]

The Best Pinto Bean Recipe Using An Instant Pot

Pinto beans are one of the cheapest and most nutrient dense foods that you can purchase today. This pinto bean recipe should be in most of our budget-friendly meal plans. Beans are so inexpensive, they can be added to many different meals, and offer a great source of protein and dietary fiber.   Are Beans Good For You? Beans are […]

Thai Salsa Over Salmon

Thai Salsa Over Salmon This recipe is definitely a power-packed punch of flavor! I absolutely love this salsa recipe, and having this wild-caught salmon fillet underneath it is the perfect combination.     Some of you may be asking “How in the world is wild-caught salmon cheap?!?” Well, this is definitely a frugal meal, and here’s how! Aldi’s sells wild-caught […]