Grocery Hauls
Aimee’s Weekly Grocery Haul and Menu Plan

Aimee’s Weekly Grocery Haul and Menu Plan

Aimee’s Weekly Grocery Haul and Menu Plan

This week I went to several different stores depending on what errands I needed to run. I only went to Aldi’s, which is a out of the way for me, as my official grocery trip. Next week we have Vacation Bible School and I started Whole 30 this week… so I spent more for the next week and a half. It all works out for us only spending $400 this month on groceries, so no big deal.

Starting Whole 30 completely changed my typical shopping trip. I bought a ton of produce, like seriously… so much! My fridge is totally stocked and I’m ready to take this challenge on, and have ZERO WASTE! That’s right, I refuse to spend money on food that will go bad, or not get eaten. We will eat everything out of our fridge, and if we can’t for some reason, then I will freeze it. So anyways, here you go:

Albertsons Trip: Spent $14.27 + got $2.25 back from ibotta!!!

Favorite Deals:

Lala yogurt smoothie – FREE (digital coupon freebie)

Post cereal (a summer time treat) – $.50 per box, thanks to ibotta!

All Laundry Detergent – $1.49 (limit 1)

Udi GF bread – $3.24 after digital coupon

Yoplait yogurt cups – $.39 after digital coupon

Blueberries and cantaloupe – $.88 each

Foods Co Trip: Spent $9.79

Favorite Deals:

Waffles – $1.00 per box

Peaches – $.99/lb

Aldi’s Trip: Spent $99.35

Favorite Deals:

Pretzel Tub – $.99

Eggs – $.99 per dozen

Blueberries – $.1.29 per pint

Mangoes – $.39 each

Avocados – $.59 each

Costco Trip: Spent $87.46

I have a $100 per month Costco grocery budget. I have a rotation of items that I buy at Costco, so I just picked up things we were running low on.

I know I bought a lot of processed foods this week, and a ton of produce. It’s all about balance for me with my kids. It’s summer break, I relax a little and let them pick out things they want to eat for fun! We still don’t let them eat cereal during the weekdays, only on the weekends.

Also, because of our no spend challenge last month we said NO to so much! So this week we had fun grocery shopping!

Grand Total For This Week (which will last us close to 2 weeks): $121.16

Our Costco trip comes out of its own budget, so I don’t count that in as our grocery money.


Weekly Menu Plan:


  • breakfast bars, scrambled eggs and/or egg bake, waffles, breakfast sausage, warm rice cereal, regular cereal, fresh fruit


  • sandwiches, chips, and fruit, salad, baked potato bar, grilled chicken, fresh lunch meat and cheese roll ups.


  • Grilled chicken with grilled zucchini and peaches
  • Teriyaki bowls with rice and cauliflower rice
  • Steak and potatoes with green beans (our anniversary dinner)
  • Tri-tip and sweet potatoes with brussell sprouts
  • Fajitas with chicken and quesadillas
  • Grilled chicken salads
  • Baked chicken, roasted carrots, and salad
  • Mashed potatoes with meat gravy and green beans
  • Leftovers X2 or more

All meals will be modified for me, so that I can still eat Whole 30. My husband and kids will probably have more toast or fruit than me. I have plenty of food for us!

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