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How To Be A Positive Person

How To Be A Positive Person

Being a positive person doesn’t come naturally, it’s something we have to practice. It’s easy to go through the day with a negative lense. There is so much filth and craziness in the world, and it’s amplified right now this year in 2020.

Positivity takes practice, and can definitely be achieved. If you practice these tips I know you will feel more positive during your day!

Tip 1: Start Each Day With Encouragement

When you wake up in the morning you have 2 options. You can either start your day with encouragement, or you can fill your mind with things that bring you down… In order to put your best foot forward, listen to something that’s going to boost your mood.

I like to go on a morning walk and listen to a playlist I created on You can listen to it too!!! Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. It’s full of songs that will encourage you to be the best you.


This listening to music is not your thing, consider listening to a motivational speaker like Zig Ziglar or Joyce Meyer.

Tip 2: Home Resets

I know, you’re probably thinking “How do home resets make me positive?” Let me tell you, when you step into your home after a long day there are 2 ways you can feel. The first one is, “oh no, look at this mess… I can’t relax because now I have so much more work to do!” The second one is, “AWWW!” Your home is clean and you can relax.

Home resets are EASY to do and do not burn you out! It’s literally these 3 things:

  • Make your bed
  • 1 small load of laundry
  • Kitchen clean-up after each meal

Before you leave your house in the morning, or start your day, make your bed right after you get ready in the morning. Then, on your way to the kitchen, start a small load of laundry. Lastly, after breakfast, get your kitchen cleaned up.

Following these simple resets will help calm your day, and make your home inviting each time you walk in.

Tip 3: Light A Candle

Such a simple tip and it works. Candles boost your mood and relax you. Light is so contagious! In the evenings we love to go outside to see the sunset. It’s this beautiful sky filled with pinks, oranges, blues, and purples, and immediately seeing that sunset gives you a good feeling and makes you happy.

Lighting a candle does the same thing. When we light a candle we immediately drop our shoulders a little, and relax. It’s just a little positivity that helps us get through the day.

Tip 4: Don’t Watch Negative Television

What are you watching on the television? Most people sit around watching the news, or popular dramas. Mind pollution is a big deal and a real problem.

Mind pollution is anything that infiltrates our minds to cause nervousness, tension, and stress. When I turn on the news I don’t see a lot of positivity, I see a lot of negative information that’s only going to bring me down. Friends, we were not meant to carry the world’s burdens.

Popular dramas can have the same effect on us. If you are watching a show that causes you to stew and think about the show all during your day, then that is considered mind pollution. Most of the time, we are concerned about scenarios that are not even real! When we watch negative television, it keeps up from living our best daily life, so consider not watching it anymore.

Tip 5: Serve Others

When you step out to help somebody else, it takes the focus off your problems and instead allows you the opportunity to make a difference in this world.

Ways to serve:

  • Make homemade treats for others
  • Bakery treats for an elder
  • Write somebody a letter and mail it
  • Make blankets for foster children
  • Buy toiletries for foster children
  • Pick up groceries for someone
  • Pick up the phone and call somebody you haven’t talked to lately
  • Write somebody a nice note on social media

Serving others shows that person that we truly care about them. It not only blesses the one you are serving, but also yourself. You will reflect on that servitude during the week and it will consistently bring a smile to your face.

Just Remember…

If you find yourself in a funk of negativity, try these 5 practices and I guarantee you, you will be the most positive person you’ve ever met!

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