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How I Grew My Nails Taking Turmeric Supplements

How I Grew My Nails Taking Turmeric Supplements

I have always struggled to have nice nails. My nails have been brittle and constantly splitting since I was a child. My parents use to get onto me often for picking at my nails, but I hated the feeling of cracked or broken nails.

During high school my mom let me have acrylic nails for a while, which I loved! I was finally able to have nice nails. Well, when my husband and I married in our early 20s, we didn’t have the money to keep up with this expensive luxury, so I went back to my real nails.



For years I had hid my fingers from the public. I would cross my arms or hide my fingers when sitting next to other people. The insecurity of my nails really got to me, but I felt helpless.

As I’ve been going through my health journey, my physical therapist recommended that I start taking Turmeric supplements to help with my inflammation. About 3 weeks in of taking the supplements, my mom noticed that my nails were looking really nice and long. She asked what I was doing different, and it took me a while to figure it out. I googled the health benefits of Turmeric supplements and realized that hair and nail growth is a huge benefit!

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I can’t believe that something so easy, and healthy for me is helping me in more than 1 way! I will always take this SUPER spice! It’s really given me confidence to have painted nails and enjoy something so lovely as having pretty nails! Give it a try and I’m sure you will see the same results.



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