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Kitchen Organization: Command Center On The Refrigerator

Kitchen Organization: Command Center On The Refrigerator

Why A Command Center Is Important

Having a command center is essential because it helps keep me focused and organized. It’s easy to flounder during the week, not having a plan for dinner and feeling disjointed. Kitchen organization is the foundation for success in meal planning and living more intentionally.

Putting together a system that actually works is just what we all need. That’s why I love this simple command center. I do not post chore charts because I have older children now, and we all know what our daily tasks are. If you have younger children, then maybe that’s something for you to consider.

Utilize The Refrigerator

The side of your refrigerator is the perfect spot for a command center, especially if you have a small kitchen. People gather in the kitchen, and more importantly, the refrigerator. There is no better place to keep your meal plan, grocery list, and inventory sheet, than on your most utilized appliance.

The clear file pocket that magnetically sticks to my refrigerator is a game changer! I absolutely love having this here and I can’t imagine not having it! It’s relatively inexpensive off of Amazon, and it houses my planner, budget notebook, and gift cards/business cards in the Dollar Tree accordion folder.

Want to learn more about how I budget? Check out THIS blog post for more information.

Dollar Tree Finds

  • Dollar Tree is definitely the place to find magnetic notepads, which are perfect for keeping a running grocery list of items you run out of. Keeping to a list when grocery shopping is vital to staying within your grocery budget. Without a list you will be more apt to impulse buy foods you don’t need.
  • The magnetic dry erase board is from Dollar Tree as well. My main meal plan is always kept in my planner. For more information about my planner, check out THIS blog post. However, for a quick glance at what we’re eating, my husband and kids like having this right on the side of the fridge. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so head to Dollar Tree and check out their OFFICE section.
  • In the clear file pocket I also purchased from Dollar Tree the accordion file to house all our gift cards and business cards. I love having business cards, so I never forget somebodies name or business. Google searches don’t always work if you can’t remember the persons name! LOL

Importance of Having A Freezer Inventory

This printable is not available right now. It will be included in my ULTIMATE KITCHEN GUIDE, which will be released at the end of this month. Having a freezer inventory keeps me from buying duplicates, and ensures that I am eating up what we already own.

The most common problem with kitchen organization is not managing what we already own. We forget, get too busy, and end up getting take-out instead of eating up food we have at home. Having a freezer inventory check list helps me so much! I’m a visual person, so seeing it helps lock it in my memory.

Quotes & Pictures To Keep You Positive

Everything in our home should serve a purpose, even if it’s just there to look pretty. I like writing Scriptures around my home, having positive quotes, and of course family pictures. On my refrigerator I have a quote from Dr. Charles Stanley that I love, “Obey God, and leave all the consequences to Him.” I also have my favorite mantra which is “Choose Joy.”

If you are interested in purchasing magnets for your fridge that uplift you, Hobby Lobby has a great selection to choose from, as well as Amazon. I like to take index cards, write Bible verses on them, and tape them around my house. Daily reminders of God’s promises help all of us stay focused.

I purchased the magnetic picture holders a long time ago. There are some really fancy ones on Amazon, but I’ve also seen ones similar to mine from Target and Walmart.

Living Purposeful is Key

I know we’re talking about a simple command center here, but just remember, your home needs to serve a purpose for you because you have a HUGE PURPOSE in life. In living out your purpose, it’s important to have a functioning purposeful space. Create a command center that serves you and your family. You may be surprised to see how much more intentional you are during the day!

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