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My Favorite Kids Plates and Bowls

My Favorite Kids Plates and Bowls

My Favorite Kids Plates and Bowls

In a lot of my pictures I post the same pictures of my kid’s plates. These plates came from Target and are my favorite!!!! I used to have mis-matched pieces and they were just a mess. My kids fought over which plate was theirs and I was tired of the mess in my cabinet. I found these plates at Target and there is no going back!


They stack so well, and they are super cheap! Online they are only $.79 each, and if you have a Target Red Debit Card, then you’ll receive 5% off your total and FREE shipping!

Seriously I cannot promote these enough…. I just love them. I bought all of one color, so nobody has to ask which plate is theirs and everybody, including myself, is a happy camper.

Just thought I would share because I get asked about these plates soooo often. I promise you will love them too!


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