Bulk Buying Food Can Save You Money

I have found that if I go do a “bulk buying food” shopping trip at the beginning of each month to buy staple ingredients that we use the most, like peanut butter, oats, maple syrup, frozen fruit, etc. Then, my weekly grocery shopping trips are much more tolerable! We are creatures of habit, and we enjoy eating many of the […]

8-Tips To Prepare For Distance Learning

Attitude Is Everything We can all get caught up in fear and frustration over the unknowns of this school year, or we can accept this season for what it is and try to find the glimmers of joy it can bring. Whether you’re working full-time or a stay-at-home-mom, there is joy to be found. So lets get excited and get […]

Rice and Beans Recipe Collection

Rice and Beans Recipe Collection: How to enjoy eating rice and beans several times per week. Rice and beans, beans and rice the famous words of Dave Ramsey. That is if you are trying to get out of debt or become financially free, then the grocery budget needs to reflect that by eating cheaper foods. Today you are going to […]

Debt Free Journey and Abundant Living

How to live an abundant life on the debt free journey is something I am passionate about. I want to show you how I am striving to live with an abundance mind set, on a daily basis. What does abundance mean? Abundance is this over-flowing, more-than-enough, too much goodness word that says, “WOW I am gushing with so much Jesus […]

15 Thrifty Summer Fun Activities

Thrifty Summer Fun Activities Either you’re excited that it’s summer break, or you’re in a dead panic as to how you’re going to entertain your kiddos everyday for the next 10 weeks! These thrifty summer fun activities keep my kids excited, and actually I get super excited too!!! My oldest daughter and I had to go out of town a […]