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Deep Freezer Organization

Deep Freezer Organization

Deep freezer organization is crucial to maximize your potential for building recipes from what you already own. Deep freezers truly are amazing to have for freezer storage overflow, but they can be so complicated to keep organized. I have struggled in the past with remembering what I even had in the freezer, and whatever was at the very bottom definitely had freezer burn!

deep freezer organization

My First Attempt That Didn’t Work

To solve my deep freezer dilemma, I first looked on Pinterest for an organization solution, but when I attempted to use plastic bins, they would chip, crack, and were way too bulky. Then, I had a light bulb moment!

Seriously, this simple solution has solved all of my deep freezer problems! Knowing where everything is helps so much and I can easily access whatever I’m looking for, and nothing gets lost.

deep freezer organization

My Light Bulb Moment

It was as simple as going to Target and buying their grocery bags. Yes, here in California we get to pay for our grocery bags! LOL 🙂 Each bag is 10 cents, but honestly the bags are awesome! They are thicker than your typical grocery bag, and of course they have handles.

I will preface this by saying, before having to buy grocery bags, I used the thinner free ones and they work just as well!

deep freezer organization

Handles Are Important

So, I went to Target and purchased 10 bags. I keep the ones I’m not using in my laundry room. Labeling the bags doesn’t work for me. I just put all my frozen fruit in 1 bag and frozen veggies in another. I buy a 25-pound bag of oats each month, divide them into freezer gallon bags and store those in the deep freezer too.

Any homemade breads that I bake and freeze, well they go in their own Target bag as well. I can easily get to everything simply by lifting the bags out of the freezer. I LOVE IT!!!! This as simplified my storage needs for the deep freezer and nothing gets lost.

Deep Freezer Review

The deep freezer than we own isn’t big. It’s actually one of the smallest sizes you can purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot. It serves its purpose though. We are not huge stock-pilers of frozen foods because I would rather keep fresh frozen foods in my freezer, than old freezer burned foods. This is the perfect size deep freezer for our family, and we really like the Magic-Chef brand! BONUS: there’s a light inside! The cost was under $200 and we didn’t even buy it on sale. Definitely invest in one… I know you will be so happy with it!

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