How To Make Garlic Cubes

I used to buy frozen garlic cubes at Trader Joe’s for convenience, but I had a viewer on Instagram tell me they had canola oil in them. How did I miss that?!? You might be thinking that that’s no big deal, but it actually is. For those of us that struggle with inflammation, canola oil is a BIG NO NO!!! […]

How To Freeze Spinach The Easy Way

How To Freeze Spinach The Easy Way When Pinterest first came around and became popular, I remember seeing posts on freezing spinach by first blending it in a blender with water and freezing in ice cube trays. I was one that followed in this habit and did it too. However, that is just way to time consuming for me now […]

How To Freeze Lemon Slices

  I am so excited to show you how to freeze lemon slices. This is by far the best way to freeze them. Do not skip any steps if you want the best results. There is nothing better than putting a fresh lemon slice in your ice water, or hot tea. I find that I drink more water during the […]