The BEST Vegan Meatloaf Recipe

Finding vegan meatloaf recipes can be hard, but this is it! I have tried a few and this one just tastes so good and makes the best meatloaf sandwich. Meat loaf was one of my favorite meals growing up. I loved my mom’s recipe so much that when I got married I had to have it in my binder of […]

Easy Tamale Pie

Easy Tamale Pie I love having a collection of healthy and easy casserole recipes. Casseroles make weeknight dinners so much easier. I was just recently talking to my dad about casserole ideas, and he told me that my grandma used to make tamale pie. He explained to me how she made it, and I could only imagine how delicious it […]

Aimee’s $126 Weekly Grocery Haul and Menu Plan

Aimee’s $126 Weekly Grocery Haul and Menu Plan We just got home from the beach and I desperately needed to go grocery shopping! Anytime we are getting ready to go out of town, we clear out the fridge. We eat everything we can, or freeze it, so we don’t have any food waste. So coming home, our fridge was very […]

Flavor Packed Sauteed Broccoli

Flavor Packed Sauteed Broccoli Broccoli is known for being THE vegetable that kids don’t care to eat. The problem with broccoli is that it’s normally steamed into a mushy disaster. Also, it’s typically served without any additional flavors… making it difficult for kids to eat. Until now! Broccoli is a sponge! It’s great at soaking up so many flavors. Have […]

Cafe Rio’s Copycat Sweet Pork Barbacoa

Cafe Rio’s COPYCAT Sweet Pork Barbacoa When Cafe Rio opened its restaurant here in my town, we had to go check it out! We were super impressed with their menu and of course KIDS EAT FREE! Woohoo! With that said, eating out often is not something we do. We have really cut back to only going out 1 to 2 […]

Instant Pot Shredded Pork Taco Soup

Instant Pot Shredded Pork Taco Soup These are the kind of recipes I like to make on Sunday while we are at church. After getting ready, I just literally throw everything in the Instant Pot, we head to church, and when we get home lunch is ready! Now that’s the best kind of recipes! My family devours this soup with […]

Easy Side Dish – Marinated Zucchini Spears

Marinated Zucchini Spears Zucchini is in season (HOORAY!!!) which means lots of fresh vegetable recipes coming your way! Sometimes the best side dish recipes, are the simplest to make. I would say this recipe is as simple as they come! Zucchini can be enjoyed in so many ways, but my favorite is to think just a tag outside the box […]

Healthy Homemade Coffee Creamer

Healthy Homemade Coffee Creamer You might think I am crazy, but I promise you this is amazing stuff right here! When I first went totally healthy and only ate meat, eggs, and vegetables for 6 months straight to heal my gut… I thought I would never drink coffee again. You see I couldn’t have any form of sweetener at that […]

Thai Salsa Over Salmon

Thai Salsa Over Salmon This recipe is definitely a power-packed punch of flavor! I absolutely love this salsa recipe, and having this wild-caught salmon fillet underneath it is the perfect combination.     Some of you may be asking “How in the world is wild-caught salmon cheap?!?” Well, this is definitely a frugal meal, and here’s how! Aldi’s sells wild-caught […]