Best Oatmeal Pie Crust Recipe (No Butter or Oil)

Best Oatmeal Pie Crust Recipe (No Butter or Oil)

Lets make the best oatmeal pie crust recipe ever using no butter or oil. The flavor for this pie crust comes from pecans, or any nuts you’d like to use.

The best oatmeal pie crust recipe without butter and oil is absolutely delicious with pecan butter. We enjoy this pie crust on all of our pies. Yesterday we made 3 pies for Thanksgiving using this pie crust recipe: pumpkin pie, chocolate chip pecan pie, and apple pie.

If you are interested in making this chocolate chip pecan pie, I used recipe. I added the chocolate chips to the recipe. See the YouTube video below to see how we did it.

How To Make Nut Butter

  • 1 cup pecans (or any nuts)
  • 3-4 Tbsp. water

In a mini food processor or blender, blend the 2 ingredients together. Scrape the sides to incorporate all of the nuts. If the nuts just aren’t breaking down, you might need to add a little more water. Add 1 Tbsp. at a time until you achieve a nut butter consistency.

Pecans are very expensive, especially when making the best oatmeal pie crust recipe. I don’t typically buy pecans throughout the year, but it’s normally a holiday treat. I highly recommend purchasing pecans from Costco for the best price I’ve seen. It’s about $11 per bag and that typically lasts us through the holiday season for pie making.

Where Should I Buy Oats?

Oats are our main grain source! Did you know the more oats you eat, the better they are for you? Oats act like a sweeper in your arteries and clean out the build up that can occur. Also, oats are an amazing source of fiber, and they contain NO GLUTEN! We do most of our baking with oat flour and it’s really easy to make your own just by grinding oats in a blender.

To make the best oatmeal pie crust recipe you need oats. I started buying organic oats when I learned about the harmful glysophates that are sprayed on oats before harvesting. Organic oats are not much more expensive than typical oats, so I find it to be worth the investment.

There are 2 companies I recommend purchasing oats from, Winco and Azure Standard. Wiinco is a local grocery store where you can purchase a 25-pound bag of organic oats for $27.00. Azure Standard is a co-op that delivers your order to a specific drop point near you. It’s my favorite and I love the relationships I have built with others that also purchase from them.

Ingredients To Make The Best Oatmeal Pie Crust

  • Oats
  • Pecan Butter (pecans and water, or any kind of nut)
  • Water
  • Salt

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Oatmeal Pie Crust (No Butter or Oil)

Homemaker On A Budget
Lets make the best oatmeal pie crust recipe ever using no butter or oil. The flavor for this pie crust comes from pecans, or any nuts you'd like to use.
Course Dessert
Servings 1 pie crust


  • 2 cups oats, ground into flour
  • 1/3 cup nut butter, pecan is my favorite see notes for recipe
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 8-10 Tbsp. water


  • First, add oats to a blender and grind them into a flour. Add oat flour to a mixing bowl.
  • Next, in a mini food processor or blender grind the pecans and water until a paste forms.
  • Add 1/3 cup pecan butter to the mixing bowl with the salt, and 8 Tbsp. water.
  • You might need more water if the pie dough feels too dry. 10 Tbsp. total works well for me.
  • Use your hand or spatula to mix the ingredients together.
  • Add a piece of parchment paper to a pie dish, or rub coconut oil around the dish, then place the pie dough in the dish.
  • Use your hands to form the dough around the pie dish. If the dough feels too sticky, place a piece of parchment paper over the top to keep the dough from sticking to your hands.
  • Once the pie dough is spread evenly, you can fill it with your desired pie filling and bake according to the pie filling directions.
  • ***If you're plan is to fill the crust with a chilled pudding or custard, then bake the pie crust in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes or until the edges are lightly toasted. Cool, and you're ready to fill.


***Add 1 cup pecan pieces to a mini food processor, or blender. Add 4 Tbsp. water and blend. Add more water if needed to achieve a nut butter consistency.  Scrape the sides often, so you get a smooth butter. (whole process takes about 3-4 minutes)

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