Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oat Flour

These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are such a treat. I love baking with oat flour, it’s definitely my favorite. I love that it’s very high in fiber and naturally gluten-free. My family has some gluten sensitivities, so we bake sourdough when using regular flour. We create most of our baked goods using oat flour, like these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. […]

5 Hot Beverages Caffeine-Free

The weather is getting cooler and I am craving hot beverages morning, noon, and night. I do not drink caffeine because it makes me a bit too jittery and keeps me up at night. Here is a round up of my go-to hot beverages that are caffeine free. To be honest, I drink one of these every single morning, whether […]

Recipe For Apple Crisp Easy and Healthy

Here is my apple crisp easy and healthy recipe for you. Apples are in season, which means they are readily available at their lowest possible cost. Stock-up on apples now, and enjoy their long shelf life. Why I Leave The Skins On… Apple skins hold the nutrients to an apple. Like most fruits, the skin is where so many good […]

Vegan Cherry Crumble

Vegan Cherry Crumble Simple fruit crumbles are a family favorite. Any frozen fruit can be used, but my favorite is frozen cherries. I buy 2 bags of frozen dark sweet cherries each month from Walmart. You can buy frozen cherries from a specialty store, but Walmart has the best price. How It’s Simply Made I like using a silicone baking […]

Gluten-Free Frozen Peanut Butter Balls

There is a family favorite dessert that we just can’t get enough of! They are better than any “power ball” because these are made with our healthy peanut butter frosting recipe. These do not need to be frozen. They can easily be stored just in the fridge for 5 days, but they taste like the most delicious cookie dough bites […]

Oatmeal Cake Vegan

This oatmeal cake will knock you off your chair, it’s so good! Cake is a big deal on a plant-based diet. How can you enjoy a cake from plants, and have it be moist?!? This recipe is easy, SO MOIST, a little dense (but not really), and delicious! No oil or eggs required and it’s a cinch to put together. […]

3-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

When I want a sweet treat at night that won’t hurt my waist line, I make these! These are literally NO FAT cookies, and totally like eating little bites of baked oatmeal! Seriously, a winner. Easy to make and easily devoured! Eat the whole tray if you want, I won’t tell! 😉 The type of blender you use will really […]

Grain-Free Sugar-Free Cookie Dough Bites

Cookie dough bites are my all time favorite treats! It all started with my love for cookie dough ice cream, and it just grew from there. I never thought being grain-free and sugar-free that I could ever enjoy this treat again, but I can! After developing this recipe many years ago, I am excited to share it with you. This […]

Remedy For A Sore Throat Honey Pops

The perfect remedy for a sore throat should start with these honey pops. These are the perfect throat soother when your kiddos are starting to get sick, or for those “candy” sweet treats that you want to treat your kiddos with. Remedy For A Sore Throat Any time I start getting sick, I am on the hunt for a good […]

Blueberry Quinoa Crisp

Blueberry Quinoa Crisp was created out of desperation for a dessert when I was adding quinoa back into my diet, after being off all grains for 3 years. I had been doing a lot of research about grains, and quinoa seemed like the first one I should try again, and I had no reaction (stomach issues). This recipe can be […]