How To Freeze Ginger

How To Freeze Ginger Freezing ginger is one of the easiest and best freezer tips I have to offer you. Anytime I plan on making homemade Chinese food, I always want fresh ginger, but just like my dilemma with celery, I don’t always have ginger on hand… until now! Having ginger on hand now whenever I need it makes it […]

How To Cook Rice

How To Cook Rice (THE EASY WAY): Rice is one of the cheapest grains you can eat. That is why when people say they are on the beans and rice budget, that means they are eating as cheap as possible. Rice is just amazing because you can feed a lot of mouths for very little money! Let me show you […]

How To Freeze Celery

How To Freeze Celery Celery is one of those vegetables you need to add amazing flavor to so many soups and dishes, however, I don’t normally buy celery every week. Just when I’m excited to create a new recipe and I need celery, those are the times I don’t have it. Well, I decided to buy an extra package of […]

How To Freeze Lemon Slices

  I am so excited to show you how to freeze lemon slices. This is by far the best way to freeze them. Do not skip any steps if you want the best results. There is nothing better than putting a fresh lemon slice in your ice water, or hot tea. I find that I drink more water during the […]