Potato Tacos

Potato tacos are one of the cheapest and most delicious quick fix meals you can make. We enjoy eating potato tacos with fresh salsa and creamy guacamole. Probably everyone in my family would tell you that our favorite food is tacos! It’s a serious obsession of ours. Since going plant-based though, that kind of changed things. Well, my husband and […]

Simple Hummus Recipe No Oil

Simple hummus recipes are great to have for easy appetizers, or to accompany your favorite vegetable platter. This simple hummus has no oil, which makes it much healthier and lower in fat. No Oil Hummus Hummus is known for its creaminess and mild flavor, which allows for many different flavor combinations to be created. Most people think it’s VERY healthy, […]

Vegan Cherry Crumble

Vegan Cherry Crumble Simple fruit crumbles are a family favorite. Any frozen fruit can be used, but my favorite is frozen cherries. I buy 2 bags of frozen dark sweet cherries each month from Walmart. You can buy frozen cherries from a specialty store, but Walmart has the best price. How It’s Simply Made I like using a silicone baking […]

Plant Based Diet and Why I Chose It

Why I Now Eat A Plant Based Diet The question I get asked weekly on my Instagram account is why I’m on a plant based diet. Lets go into detail as to why I decided to start eating plant-based and how it’s slightly different than being a “vegan.” Last year I experienced auto-immune symptoms, horrific burning in my joints, specifical […]