Chili Queso Mac | Dairy-Free and Meatless

This chili queso mac is a crowd pleaser for sure, and made with healthy vegetables instead of the typical Velveeta and canned chili recipe. Vegetables Instead Of Processed Foods One of the biggest culprits to the American diet and an increase in chronic disease is processed foods. Lets eliminate processed foods and make delicious, kid friendly recipes using vegetables! I […]

Pumpkin Lentil Curry Vegan (Canned Lentils)

It’s safe to say this pumpkin lentil curry came together by accident. I wanted to find a good curry recipe using canned lentils, but I could not find a version online to soot my curry expectations. I was in the process of starting to follow a curry recipe, but realized everything seemed wrong. Not the right seasonings, the proportions seems […]

Homemade Taquitos

Homemade taquitos is the easiest meal to put together, and quite possibly one of the cheapest! We love homemade taquitos in this house, and eat them often. It only takes 2 ingredients to make them, just corn tortillas and refried beans. We like to use Trader Joe’s corn tortillas, but any brand will work. We also like to buy the […]

Potato Soup and Pear Scones

Come join us in our home as I prepare dinner and the kiddos set the table. Saturdays are our favorites, and we love having soup and scones for dinner. It’s become a family tradition now, and it’s one we don’t want to ever stop. Well, maybe this summer it’ll be salad and scones 🙂 ***Remember, we eat plant-based at home, […]

Meatless Nuggets For Kids

These meatless nuggets are delicious and still packed with protein. Lentils are a great option to make a high protein and cheap meal for kids. Meatless Nuggets For Kids It’s important for me to feed my kids foods that they look forward to, or beg to eat. I want my kids to one day say, “My mom always made the […]

Rice and Beans Recipe Collection

Rice and Beans Recipe Collection: How to enjoy eating rice and beans several times per week. Rice and beans, beans and rice the famous words of Dave Ramsey. That is if you are trying to get out of debt or become financially free, then the grocery budget needs to reflect that by eating cheaper foods. Today you are going to […]

Red Lentil Soup with Brown Rice (Cheap)

This red lentil soup recipe is full of flavor and cheap to make. The red lentils make this soup creamy with a great texture and full of protein. Red Lentil Recipe Using Cheap Ingredients Need a new recipe you can add to your menu plan? This is definitely a cheap and delicious soup that my kids LOVE so much! Red […]

Instant Pot Vegan Black Bean Soup

Most vegan black bean soup recipes use canned beans, and though I have no problem with using canned beans (I eat them regularly), for this I wanted to use dry beans because I wanted to make a lot and also because it’s cheaper! I buy my black beans in bulk, and pay between $.65-$.80/lb typically. This recipe uses 2 pounds […]

The BEST Vegan Meatloaf Recipe

Finding vegan meatloaf recipes can be hard, but this is it! I have tried a few and this one just tastes so good and makes the best meatloaf sandwich. Meat loaf was one of my favorite meals growing up. I loved my mom’s recipe so much that when I got married I had to have it in my binder of […]