Easy Chickpea Salad Vegan

A cheap and easy chickpea salad that’s vegan is a great recipe to add to your recipe binder to keep on hand when you need an easy and cheap lunch idea. It’s so easy to grab a can of chickpeas to make this grab and go lunch. I love to put it on brown rice crackers, sourdough bread, or even […]

Budget Friendly Tips For Packing School Lunches

Packing food for school lunches can be confusing with all the options available. I want to show you how easy it can be to send your kids to school with healthy and nourishing lunches on a budget. Budget Friendly Tips For Packing School Lunches With all the options available, from stainless steel to plastic containers, which ones are best and […]

Chili Queso Mac | Dairy-Free and Meatless

This chili queso mac is a crowd pleaser for sure, and made with healthy vegetables instead of the typical Velveeta and canned chili recipe. Vegetables Instead Of Processed Foods One of the biggest culprits to the American diet and an increase in chronic disease is processed foods. Lets eliminate processed foods and make delicious, kid friendly recipes using vegetables! I […]

Freezer Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches For Kids

These freezer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for kids are perfect for a quick lunch. On busy school days, the kids are able to grab a freezer peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some fruit, and a few graham crackers for a nice lunch. If are having a busy work day, have prepared foods made up for your kids, so they […]

Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal | Gluten-Free

Try a bowl of this cozy winter gluten free cream of wheat hot cereal to warm you from the inside out on a cold day. This creamy oat based cereal has the perfect texture and is topped with oat milk and an easy to make blueberry slurry. So, if you are looking to try something slightly different than just another […]

Healthy Snack Kettle Corn

This healthy snack kettle corn recipe is a huge hit in my family and very cheap to make! All you need is a bag of puffed corn, which I find at my local Sprouts. I love this because it just proves once again that you can make delicious and easy snack foods at home without spending a lot of money. […]

Homemade Taquitos

Homemade taquitos is the easiest meal to put together, and quite possibly one of the cheapest! We love homemade taquitos in this house, and eat them often. It only takes 2 ingredients to make them, just corn tortillas and refried beans. We like to use Trader Joe’s corn tortillas, but any brand will work. We also like to buy the […]

Meatless Nuggets For Kids

These meatless nuggets are delicious and still packed with protein. Lentils are a great option to make a high protein and cheap meal for kids. Meatless Nuggets For Kids It’s important for me to feed my kids foods that they look forward to, or beg to eat. I want my kids to one day say, “My mom always made the […]

4-Ingredient Breakfast Bars

Quick and easy breakfast bars to have on hand for a busy week. With just 4 ingredients you can make them too! We all want the easiest recipes that are fool proof, and that’s exactly what these breakfast bars are! They literally take 5 minutes to prep and 15-20 minutes to bake. My husband loves them for breakfast, and my […]